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Hiking in Frodo’s footsteps

TONGARIRO NATIONAL PARK, NEW ZEALAND — Today, we hiked the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in this national park, which stood in for Mordor in the “Lord of the Rings” movies. Continue reading “Hiking in Frodo’s footsteps”

Finally hiking

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND — My brain has a hard time with Polynesian and Maori names: Roto-rooter, Ratatouille, Ringo all stuck in my brain as I asked for information about Rangitoto Island, today’s destination. Continue reading “Finally hiking”

Into the volcano — again

VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK, HAWAII — We got up before sunrise today and hiked a half-mile on a trail from the campground to the Jagger museum overlook. There were more steam vents visible than yesterday and the lava in the caldera emitted a lot of ash this morning, which turned orange with the rising sun. Continue reading “Into the volcano — again”

Leaving paradise

HO’OKENA BEACH, HAWAII —One last breakfast, one last swim and then it’s time to vacate our ocean paradise for a fiery national park. Continue reading “Leaving paradise”

Comedy on the caldera

HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK – I think we peaked too soon. We got to hang out with a pod of playful dolphins on the second full day of our trip? Really?

Continue reading “Comedy on the caldera”

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