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Sun and sandflies on Doubtful Sound

TE ANAU, NEW ZEALAND — As much as the hiking gods have frowned on us, the kayaking gods have smiled on us.

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Back to Te Anau

INVERCARGILL, NEW ZEALAND — As always, we took our tourist duties very seriously in Invercargill.

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Sun and dolphins on Milford Sound

TE ANAU, NEW ZEALAND — You can’t visit New Zealand without going to the famous Milford Sound. Captain Cook missed it on both of his circumnavigations of the country, and when the first European literally blew into it in 1912, word quickly spread.

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Catching our breaths

QUEENSTOWN, NEW ZEALAND — Much like our usual travels, the last few weeks were a constant flurry of activity, and it was time to slow down for a day. Continue reading “Catching our breaths”

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