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Kayaking bliss, hiking heaven

MOMORANGI BAY, NEW ZEALAND — Some days, everything just falls into place. We didn’t have plans for today, but ended up with a full day of activity in beautiful Queen Charlotte Sound. Continue reading “Kayaking bliss, hiking heaven”

Total relaxation on Hot Water Beach

ROTORUA, NEW ZEALAND — Why is it that the less money we spend, the more fun we have?

After two nights at the posh Chateau Tongariro, we drove through Taupo to the Rotorua area and a campsite on Lake Terawera that Beth reserved because Taupo was booked solid that Saturday night. Continue reading “Total relaxation on Hot Water Beach”

Goodbye Hawai’i

POLOLU VALLEY, HAWAII — Today was our last day in Hawaii, and we’re going to miss being here. It was such a laid-back, friendly atmosphere, which makes it hard to pack up camp and go somewhere else. Continue reading “Goodbye Hawai’i”

Swimming With Dolphins

HO’OKENA BEACH, BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII — I’m not much of a water person, much less a beach person, but this day would turn out to be my favorite beach day, ever. 

Continue reading “Swimming With Dolphins”

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