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From city to Great Ocean Road

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — We were not altogether happy to leave Melbourne and explore the Great Ocean Road. Continue reading “From city to Great Ocean Road”

From one kayak paradise to another

QUEEN CHARLOTTE SOUND, NEW ZEALAND — We started this day, as we have many others, talking about how much we like Kiwis. They’re friendly, always pleasant, and straightforward but polite. Continue reading “From one kayak paradise to another”

Coromandel to Tongariro National Park

TONGARIRO NATIONAL PARK, NEW ZEALAND — Today was another driving day. Seven and a half hours from the Coromandel peninsula to Tongariro National Park in the center of the north island. Continue reading “Coromandel to Tongariro National Park”

A scenic drive to the Coromandel peninsula

MARAMARATOTARA BAY, NEW ZEALAND — We’ve read it before on TripAdvisor, that driving in New Zealand is slow going, even if the distances don’t seem to be too far. Today, we got a taste of it ourselves, as we drove the 350km from Waitengi to Ferry’s landing on Maramaratotara Bay. Continue reading “A scenic drive to the Coromandel peninsula”

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