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Catching our breaths

QUEENSTOWN, NEW ZEALAND — Much like our usual travels, the last few weeks were a constant flurry of activity, and it was time to slow down for a day. Continue reading “Catching our breaths”

From Lake Wanaka back to Queenstown

WANAKA, NEW ZEALAND — Skies were clear Tuesday morning, and it was so much nicer gazing up at the beautiful snow-covered mountains than actually being in them, no doubt with wet boots and impending pneumonia.

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Back to the drawing board

QUEENSTOWN, NEW ZEALAND — This day went completely different than we had imagined. Instead of getting ready for our first New Zealand Great Walk, we had to come up with Plan B. Continue reading “Back to the drawing board”

Across the pass to Queenstown

FRANZ JOSEF, NEW ZEALAND  — We woke up to the sound of whirring engines overhead. The cool way to see Franz Josef Glacier is by helicopter, which drops you on top of the glacier for a guided hike, and apparently the low clouds weren’t keeping anyone away.

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