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From city to Great Ocean Road

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — We were not altogether happy to leave Melbourne and explore the Great Ocean Road. Continue reading “From city to Great Ocean Road”

A day at the beach

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — After walking around Melbourne for two days, it was time to take it easy. We woke up to more perfect weather, so a day at the beach fit the bill. Continue reading “A day at the beach”

Gold diggers and street art

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – If the first governor of Australia’s second-biggest city hadn’t been such a suck-up, we could be in Batmania today.

Continue reading “Gold diggers and street art”

Exploring the parks and lanes of Melbourne

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — Melbourne has nearly as many people as all of New Zealand, 4.1 million, and they all seemed to be downtown on a sunny Saturday morning. Torsten had a little trouble adjusting.

Continue reading “Exploring the parks and lanes of Melbourne”

So long, New Zealand; hello, Australia

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND — Time had slipped away, and we felt we shortchanged Christchurch. Continue reading “So long, New Zealand; hello, Australia”

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