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Getting to know Germans

It’s been four months since we arrived in Munich, and while we haven’t really gotten to know many Germans well, we’ve gotten to know a few things about Germans — the good, the bad and the puzzling.

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Neophytes in Bangkok

BANGKOK, THAILAND — We knew it would be hard to get to know Bangkok in just three days. It’s huge and chaotic, and we can’t speak or read a word of Thai.

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Hiking in the Grampians

HALLS GAP, AUSTRALIA — As has become a habit recently, we took it easy in the morning and got out of our cottage at the last possible minute. Continue reading “Hiking in the Grampians”

Chief for an hour

WAITANGI, NEW ZEALAND — We spent today at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, the site where Maori and the British came together on February 6, 1840 to sign the treaty (Tiriti o Waitangi in Maori) that founded the modern country of New Zealand. Today was also the day I came nose-to-nose with a Maori chief. Continue reading “Chief for an hour”

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