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Hiking in the Grampians

HALLS GAP, AUSTRALIA — As has become a habit recently, we took it easy in the morning and got out of our cottage at the last possible minute. Continue reading “Hiking in the Grampians”

A sunny day on the Southern Ocean

WARRNAMBOOL, AUSTRALIA — We spent an afternoon along a beautiful bay today, and Torsten even lasted a whole hour on the beach.

Continue reading “A sunny day on the Southern Ocean”

Playing tourist in the Twelve Apostles

APOLLO BAY, AUSTRALIA — We don’t much like stop-and-go driving, but that’s how you have to see the many sights strung along the famous Great Ocean Road.

Continue reading “Playing tourist in the Twelve Apostles”

From city to Great Ocean Road

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — We were not altogether happy to leave Melbourne and explore the Great Ocean Road. Continue reading “From city to Great Ocean Road”

A day at the beach

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — After walking around Melbourne for two days, it was time to take it easy. We woke up to more perfect weather, so a day at the beach fit the bill. Continue reading “A day at the beach”

Gold diggers and street art

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – If the first governor of Australia’s second-biggest city hadn’t been such a suck-up, we could be in Batmania today.

Continue reading “Gold diggers and street art”

Exploring the parks and lanes of Melbourne

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — Melbourne has nearly as many people as all of New Zealand, 4.1 million, and they all seemed to be downtown on a sunny Saturday morning. Torsten had a little trouble adjusting.

Continue reading “Exploring the parks and lanes of Melbourne”

So long, New Zealand; hello, Australia

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND — Time had slipped away, and we felt we shortchanged Christchurch. Continue reading “So long, New Zealand; hello, Australia”

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