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A perfect day in Hastings

CLIVE, NEW ZEALAND — On the North Island’s sun-splashed Hawkes Bay, Napier is the main attraction.

We’d made vague plans to backtrack from our cottage in Clive, to visit the National Aquarium of New Zealand or go on a historic walking tour of the famous art-deco buildings. But we hadn’t really warmed to Napier, and we weren’t feeling very ambitious.

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“What is going to happen to your country?”

I feel bad, leaving the United States now.

I had my first glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc and rack of lamb today. It was at an Italian restaurant with a Greek chef and a Brazilian hostess. When the hostess brought our check, she asked if we were from the United States. She looked at us and said, “You have one more day with your president. What is going to happen to your country?” Continue reading ““What is going to happen to your country?””

Looks like it’s our turn now

Over the years, we’ve read about average people traveling the world and finding themselves. We’ve seen our friends go on 3-month trips to exotic locations or bike around the world— twice . Now it looks like it’s our turn at adventure. Continue reading “Looks like it’s our turn now”

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