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Beaches in the rain

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — The forecast today called for rain. But then, that’s been true for all our days in Sydney, so we took a gamble and headed out for another hike. Continue reading “Beaches in the rain”

A Minnesota lake cabin in Sydney

BALLARAT, AUSTRALIA — This was our last night staying in a small town. We’ll be in Sydney and then Bangkok before we settle in Munich for good, in less than two weeks. Continue reading “A Minnesota lake cabin in Sydney”

Hiking in the Grampians

HALLS GAP, AUSTRALIA — As has become a habit recently, we took it easy in the morning and got out of our cottage at the last possible minute. Continue reading “Hiking in the Grampians”

From city to Great Ocean Road

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — We were not altogether happy to leave Melbourne and explore the Great Ocean Road. Continue reading “From city to Great Ocean Road”

A day at the beach

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — After walking around Melbourne for two days, it was time to take it easy. We woke up to more perfect weather, so a day at the beach fit the bill. Continue reading “A day at the beach”

So long, New Zealand; hello, Australia

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND — Time had slipped away, and we felt we shortchanged Christchurch. Continue reading “So long, New Zealand; hello, Australia”

Earthquake and a dinner party

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND — We woke up at 8am this morning to a gently swaying house. Continue reading “Earthquake and a dinner party”

Day sail in a French town

AKAROA, NEW ZEALAND — We knew we wanted to do a day trip today, but didn’t know where to go. Continue reading “Day sail in a French town”

Excitement on the Rangitata

FAIRLIE, NEW ZEALAND — Today, we went on our last scheduled activity in New Zealand, a rafting trip down the Rangitata River. Continue reading “Excitement on the Rangitata”

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