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Our first German winter

Winter in Munich is not like winter in Minnesota. Continue reading “Our first German winter”

Christmas in Germany

We can hardly believe the holiday season is over . . . it felt as if it would go on forever. Continue reading “Christmas in Germany”


Everyone knows what Munich’s Oktoberfest is about: oceans of beer, oompah music and buxom women in dirndls.

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Getting to know Germans

It’s been four months since we arrived in Munich, and while we haven’t really gotten to know many Germans well, we’ve gotten to know a few things about Germans — the good, the bad and the puzzling.

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It’s all about the weekends

Two of the main reasons we moved to Munich were 1) all of the fun things you can do in the city and surrounding lakes and mountains, and 2) all of the time off that people get to do them.

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A new life in Nymphenburg

In many ways, we feel lucky. Torsten has a new job he likes, and we live in an apartment most Münchners would envy, in one of the nicest neighborhoods of a city that’s regularly ranked one of the world’s most livable.

But of course, we grumble.

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An idyllic ride in the countryside

We don’t really have friends yet in Munich, but every week — thanks to the meet-up groups we’ve joined — the invitations roll in.

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Apartment-hunting and a field trip

We got the Nymphenburg apartment we wanted, which makes us happy. But now we have to furnish it, from scratch, and we’re feeling overwhelmed.

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Time to speak German

The verdict is in: Both Torsten and Catiana say it’s time for Beth to speak German every day, even to Torsten.

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